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Sommer Saffron – “Dream” 

SPECIAL REPORTS      Jer@SBS     December 29, 2020 

Quaint, ain’t it? 

I’ve been reading a lot about this band known as Sommer Saffron and the artist behind it all, Leslie Liles.  According to the legend online and all these details I’ve read, you can consider her a complete lady of the musical realm in just about every conceivable way; she teaches music, she plays, she sings, she produces…you know we always love running into an artist that is as clearly dedicated as Leslie is. 

In a world filled with so many bombastic sounds and the hustle & bustle of life attacking us from every angle, Sommer Saffron offers up a sweet moment of serenity through her brand-new single “Dream.”  The title-track from her debut 2020 record, listeners will instantly connect with the relaxing & natural beauty to be found in the melody, and quickly fall right in love with the impressively down-to-earth & heartfelt lyricism on Sommer Saffron’s “Dream.”  Inviting, welcoming, and remarkably sincere – Leslie gently guides this song along with the perfect hint of inspiration, and delicately delivers a warm & bright performance that’ll soothe the many souls out there listening and watching the new video supporting it. 

A beautiful reminder that the best of moments of our dreams can be the way we truly lead our lives.  Sure, there are obstacles to be overcome, emotional hardships, and many questions along the way in between turning your dreams into reality, but the very existence of this song proves that it can be done.  Sommer Saffron serves as a wonderful inspiration to the scene at-large in leading the way by example, and by immersing herself in all-things-music around the clock like she so clearly has, Leslie has found a vehicle for her songwriting that suits her extremely well with the angelic sweetness & graceful melody to be discovered at the core of this project’s delicate piano-based atmosphere on “Dream.”  Marking the start of an exciting new chapter of her career – Sommer Saffron shines bright with her endearing vocals and the humble heart & authentic passion for music she creates; she’s got a great perspective on life that she’s more than willing to share with each and every one of you listening & watching.  A truly giving artist on a purely altruistic mission to provide entertainment and music that moves people on a sensory level by adding a lil’ genuine bliss to the day for all to enjoy – grab yourself some “honey biscuits and a cup of tea” and start your morning on the right track by checking out Sommer Saffron’s “Dream” below!

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