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Great review by Juss Russ of Sommer Saffron's Ebb and Flow!

Take a moment to listen to the new song from Sommer Saffron titled “Ebb and Flow”, on Juss Russ Radio. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Sommer Saffron; based in Fresno, California., she crafts songs that range from relaxed and downtempo Electronica to upbeat with a retro Pop infusion. This sentiment is true with her new release “Ebb and Flow”, which carries a relaxed and downtempo electronic theme. Sommer Saffron floats elegantly overtop this production with ease, giving a heartfelt and passionate vocal performance. 

The song also serves as the introduction to her very first album release “Dream”, a 12 track project that plays through like a story of emotional distress to serenity. With a fresh and original approach to her sound, she really makes a great first impression with the album. As 2020 nears the final few months, it is safe to say that Sommer Saffron will head in to 2021 with some new momentum. We can’t wait to see and hear what’s next for this rising star. You can stream the full version of this song on Spotify or any of your favorite music streaming platforms.

Planet Singer Review of Dream 

Sommer Saffron's new release, Dream...Exclusive Review at Planet Singer online. Read the full review.

"Music’s real beauty doesn’t reside only in its melodies, rhythms, and lyrics; there is something much more important than that, the glue that keeps everything together and turns a good song into something special. Without that sparks that only a great performer has, we would have been listening only to nice sounds, but thanks to bands like Sommer Saffron, the music finds its real purpose, sharing positive vibes and strong emotions. Today, at Planet Singer, we have the great pleasure of listening to their upcoming debut album “Dream” out September 18!

Sommer Saffron is the creation of the talented singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Leslie Liles. Gifted with a natural musical instinct, Liles grew up in Atlanta, GA, where she started studying classical music. The love for the piano and unstoppable creativity led to the discovery of electronic music. Sommer Saffrom’s sound is versatile, rich, and various, incorporating numerous influences and musical colors, shaping a distinctive style.

"Dream” is a great release. In this album, we can appreciate a flow of inspirational and emotional tracks, a rollercoaster of positive vibes that, with beautiful melodies and ethereal soundscapes, will engage with the listeners from the very first track, the exciting “Ebb and Flow” till the last song of this incredible collection. Spot on fantastic recordings like the title track “Dream,” the exciting vibes of “Vitality,” the emotional “Far Away from Home,” the intense “Solitude,” and the beautiful melodies of “Serenity,” an incredible track that closes the circle. “Dream” is an album that everyone should listen to; every track flows smoothly like chapters of a book, Leslie’s songwriting is exceptional, and thanks to her rich and warm voice, her performances are outstanding! Sommer Saffron’s debut album is a true masterpiece, and we can’t wait for the next release!"